A new edition of the Lemur Conservation Coloring and Activity Book was just released for the PICC project in Masoala National Park, NE Madagascar. It was co-authored by Kathy West and Pascal Elison, translated to the local Malagasy dialect, and customized for the local ecosystems, communities and conservation solutions. Cover art was done by Ambodiforaha students from their PICC session in June 2020. Download a free copy here!

Custom-tailored conservation coloring and activity books are an effective method to engage and inform children and adults in topics of local biodiversity, ecosystems, and conservation issues and solutions.

The first book of the primate conservation coloring book series was written and illustrated for the southeastern habitats of Madagascar, co-authored by Kathy West with lemur biologist Dr. Amber Walker-Bolton, University of Toronto, Scarborough, and published in English and Malagasy in 2018. The illustrations (by Kathy West), activities and text provide information on lemur behavior, biology and natural history, and present conservation issues and solutions. Dr. Walker-Bolton has provided a copy of the book to teachers and students in Madagascar (2018) and Kenya (2019), with great excitement from the classes, especially on owning their very own book, a first for many of the children (see photos below). Download a free copy of the Berenty edition (2019) RBC Lemur Conservation Colouring and Activity Book.

Masoala edition coloring pages

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