Student Image Gallery

Following is a selection of images that Lelydorp students in the PICC–SFFP project made at the Tropical Butterfly Center and Peperpot Nature Park on October 8 –11, 2018.

Credit and congratulations to photographers: Aldrix, Alyssa, Amaris, Angelo, Ayush, Beore, Channel, Chayton, Deshawn, Faizel, Fareisha, Floyd, Gyaan, Jamal, Jamella, Jannely, Jenerick, Jeroy, Jurius, Lionel, Numosa, Preciosa, Rafa, Ranishka, Ragini, Rebecca, Ricky, Rishi, Rufysha, Safer, Sefanja, and Vanellay

Student Portrait Gallery

Lelydorp students were proud of their success and the images they created in the PICC-SFFP project, October 2018.