PiLOT Session: Suriname 2018

PICC Madagascar teamed up with Dr. Marilyn Norconk’s Suriname Forest Fragment Project (SFFP) conservation outreach program. Using the PICC curriculum as a pilot prior to our Madagascar launch to implement community education programs, we worked to cement community bonds to forest fragments and help residents develop a sustainable forest protection program.  

Learn more about the project launch here.

SUMMER Session: Madagascar 2020

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, a hybrid online and onsite “mini” session of PICC Madagascar, developed by our Director Kathy West and led by Project Chief Pascal Elison, took place in the forests near Masoala National Park in June 2020. See here for photos and story of the mini-PICC session.

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Onsite Session: Madagascar 2021

The onsite PICC Madagascar Project is scheduled to launch its first full onsite, 2-week session in 2021 in Masoala National Park, Madagascar.

We are currently fundraising for this onsite session. Help support us with a donation here.