Dedicated organizations in Madagascar and around the world are urgently working on creative ways to save Madagascar’s forests and its endangered wildlife inhabitants.

Following are a few resources that you can use to learn more about lemurs and find ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle to make a difference for the lemurs and forests.

Learning Activities

Lemur Conservation

  • Thinking of being an ecotourist to see the lemurs? Consider these points to be part of lemur conservation solutions. Read this Culture Trip blog
  • Eyes of the World Films — Andasibe. Excellent film documenting the hurdles of conservation in Madagascar for educators and students looking for more information about the complicated conservation issues in Madagascar. 
  • Lemur Conservation Network where you can volunteer and find more resources on learning and teaching about lemurs.
  • IUCN SOS Lemur Initiative. Pools funds from donors and disburses them in grants to Madagascar-based grassroots conservation groups, ensuring every conservation dollar is used to its potential through careful project management by lemur experts.
  • Red Book Challenge. A children’s conservation program started in 2011 by Dr. Amber Walker-Bolton with the goal of promoting conservation education in rural Madagascar.

Sustainable Communities

Please contact us to add other lemur conservation resources that you support.