Dedicated organizations around the world are urgently working on creative ways to save primate species’ habitats and the endangered wildlife inhabitants.

Following are a few resources that you can use to learn more about primates and find ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle to make a difference for the animals and forests.

Learning Activities

  • Our newest coloring book addresses a new part of the world for the PICC program – Panama! This English and Spanish book focuses on the endangered monkeys of the Azuero peninsula and what people can do to protect their habitats and these unique species. Download the pdf here!
  • We are pleased to release a new edition of the bilingual Lemur Conservation Coloring and Activity Book – Masoala Edition! It was written and illustrated for the lemur species, conservation solutions and biodiversity in the Masoala National Park. (Use the link above to download a PDF, 56pp) Share your new knowledge with your friends and family!
  • Download a free, beautiful, bilingual English-Malagasy poster about lemurs. Promote conservation of Madagascar’s unique biodiversity!
  • Help lemur conservation organizations by hosting a Lemur Bounce fundraiser with your school or group of friends! The materials are even provided to you to make it super easy! (Thank you, Money for Madagascar!) Yes, even with shelter-in-place you can still make a difference!

Lemur Conservation

  • Thinking of being an ecotourist to see the lemurs? Consider these points to be part of lemur conservation solutions. Read this Culture Trip blog
  • Eyes of the World Films — Andasibe. Excellent film documenting the hurdles of conservation in Madagascar for educators and students looking for more information about the complicated conservation issues in Madagascar. 
  • Lemur Conservation Network where you can volunteer and find more resources on learning and teaching about lemurs.
  • IUCN SOS Lemur Initiative. Pools funds from donors and disburses them in grants to Madagascar-based grassroots conservation groups, ensuring every conservation dollar is used to its potential through careful project management by lemur experts.
  • Red Book Challenge. A children’s conservation program started in 2011 by Dr. Amber Walker-Bolton with the goal of promoting conservation education in rural Madagascar.

Sustainable Communities

Please contact us to add other lemur conservation resources that you support.