We are excited about beginning this project in the Masoala NP, Madagascar in 2020! We have created each of the project components to:

  • Collaborate with the local communities to celebrate their relationship with their ecosystem and endangered wildlife;
  • Provide a platform to share traditional ecological knowledge, empowering future generations in conservation issues and solutions;
  • Enact both immediate and long-term changes in attitudes and appreciation of lemurs and protected areas;
  • Give children new skills they can use after the program is finished – in communications, photography and illustration, skills that can be used to develop careers in conservation and tourism.
  • Provide equipment to remain onsite and paid Malagasy personnel to assist the students and teachers in sustainable learning.

Project Fundraising Goals

Our fundraising goal is $16,000 USD*, which will allow us to complete all aspects of the project, including publishing the book of student work for conservation fundraising through student sales of the book to tourists and online. 100% of your donations will go towards this project.

Nonprofit status is pending the IRS determination letter for 501c3 nonprofit public benefit corporation (February 2020).

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Our Partners

We are partially funded with a grant from the American Society of Primatologists.

Special Thanks

We would like to acknowledge an extremely generous donation from an anonymous donor of a new DSLR camera (Canon EOS Rebel T6, 75-300mm lens) in order to provide participating students with permanent access to a camera after their PICC session is completed. This will enable the students to continue to be engaged with the local biodiversity and provide them with opportunities to share conservation messages through local publications and online through the PICC website. Thank you for this amazing gift that will make the children’s conservation efforts sustainable!!

We also want to acknowledge the personal efforts of local Davis, California children that have been doing some very creative and successful fundraising!

How You Can Help

If you’d like to contribute, please select one (or more) or the following donation categories to see your funds go to a specific aspect of the project. You can also set up a monthly recurring donation.  

We appreciate all levels of financial support and in-kind service donations. Thank you!

Teaching Supplies

Lemur conservation activity book (printing), photo paper, printer ink and lamination supplies. Raised to Date: $50 / $850 total needed



iPad, internet service and Malagasy IT Technician salary for 1 year. Student use cameras and lenses. Photo printer. $3,600 / $4,000 total needed


Student Meals and Local Cooks

Students will receive a healthy lunch each day of the program and the village will host a gathering to celebrate the students’ work. $125 / $900 total needed


Post-project Publishing

The artwork, photographs and writings from the program students will be published in the U.S. and sent to Madagascar to the participating schools and also the government officials in education and conservation. Raised to Date: $275 / $2,000 total needed


Staff Travel and Board

Our team of outreach and lemur conservation experts will be traveling to Madagascar to donate their time to this project. Support for 3 team member’s travel and expenses is appreciated. $400 / $8,000 total needed


Set Up Recurring Monthly Donation

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