The Photography Inspiring Children in Conservation (PICC) program goal is to inspire Malagasy students to become conservation leaders within their communities by providing them with skills and knowledge regarding lemur ecology through the art of photography, illustration, and storytelling.  

We aim to foster an appreciation and a sense of pride in the important ecological, cultural, and economic value lemurs play in their lives, creating future “Lemur Ambassadors” who will then take their new skills and translate them into productive careers in tourism and conservation.

Greater than 60% of the more than 500 known primate species are threatened with extinction, and more than 94% of Madagascar’s lemur species are endangered — a situation that is known as the “primate extinction crisis”. Around the world, primate habitats are threatened by the wholesale destruction of forests for grazing, agriculture, palm oil plantations, oil drilling and mining. In Madagascar, there is intense pressure from the growing human population to cut and burn lemur habitat forests for growing rice, grazing zebu cattle, and making charcoal, their only source of cooking fuel. Malagasy families often struggle to feed their families and unfortunately have to resort to hunting lemurs for food or cutting forests and selling the wood to be able to purchase food to sustain their family. But there are many hopeful programs in Madagascar working in reforestation, alternative fuel and foods, and environmental education. We hope that this project, through engaging and empowering the children and communities to understand the benefits of conservation, will work to contribute to the protection of their forests, lemurs and other forest animals.

From Our Founder

We have gathered a exciting team of multilingual experts in: lemur biology, photography, illustration, storytelling, conservation issues, and the Malagasy culture to help guide and engage the students and teachers through the program.

Help Support Us

PICC is partially supported by a generous grant from the American Society of Primatologists Conservation Committee, 2018.  All of our project team members are donating their time, skills and personal funds to advance lemur conservation through this project.

Additional funds are still needed for printing, student materials, and logistics in order to successfully accomplish all components of this program. In-kind services and contributions are welcome!

To see how you can help, please visit our Support Us page or contact us directly.